Creating conversations that matter

We evolve, promote and protect brands with conversations that matter.

We provide business advice, brand marketing, corporate communications,
creative and design, government and public relations to help clients solve
problems or create opportunities.

Our purpose is to help

organisations engage

with their stakeholders

and customers to be


We understand how brands, consumers, business, Government and communities interact.

We take an integrated approach across earned, owned and paid channels.

Our company values also strongly influence how we engage with our clients and other stakeholders - these are creativity in our thinking, credibility in our teams, energy in our actions and real warmth in our relationships.


  • Business Advice

  • Corporate Communications

  • Brand Marketing

  • Government Relations

  • PR & Media

  • Digital & Social

  • Events & Activations

  • Creative & Design

Business Advice

Helping business leaders solve what’s keeping them awake at night

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Mandy Hancock

Chief Operating Officer
+64 4 494 5141
+64 21 479 101

Corporate Communications

Evolving, promoting and protecting reputations

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Bronwyn Millar

General Manager Wellington
+64 4 494 5128
+64 27 554 4131

Brand Marketing

Elevating brands to build preference, loyalty, advocacy and sales

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Nadia Cook

Account Director
+64 4 494 5176
+64 21 268 3797

Government Relations

Providing intelligence, insights and meaningful connections

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Aimie Hines

Account Director
+64 4 494 5146
+64 22 637 8206

PR & Media

Setting and responding to the news agenda 

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Alysha MacLean

General Manager Auckland
+64 9 354 0586
+64 21 198 1700

Digital & Social

Using digital platforms to listen, share stories and engage people

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Matthew Savage

Senior Account Director
+64 4 494 5177
+64 29 381 8726

Events & Activations

Bringing brands to life through experiences

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Maria Gilmore

Senior Account Manager
+64 4 494 5156
+64 27 450 0065

Creative & Design

Creating visuals and rich content to inspire and engage audiences

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Fran Holland

Account Director
+64 9 354 0571
+64 29 239 5449


For more than 35 years, we have been trusted to evolve, promote and protect the brands
and reputations of some of New Zealand’s most influential organisations.

We believe that trust underpins everything. It cannot be bought, it must be earned.

We bring global best-practice and IP through our affiliation with Edelman, the world’s largest independent communications marketing agency. The combination of this with our deep understanding of New Zealand society, values and norms is powerful.

We are a Level 2 provider on the All of Government Communications Panel and have extensive experience working for State sector organisations.

Our clients - the company we keep

A talented, diverse team
providing advice you can trust

Meet our team


We are active, well-connected and collaborate well with our clients and partners to
do meaningful work that develops trust and contributes to the success of businesses,
organisations and communities.

Proudly Kiwi-owned and independent, we have offices in Auckland and Wellington.

This independence enables us to genuinely collaborate in our clients’ interests.

We are a Level 2 provider on the All of Government Communications Panel and have extensive experience working in State sector organisations.

We understand the Government's priority to build a better public service for New Zealanders.

The world's largest independent marketing communications network.

It allows us to take global IP and best-practice and apply it to our people and our clients.

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