Transforming digital reporting platforms

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Transforming digital reporting platforms

June – 2017

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The External Reporting Board (XRB) is an independent Crown Entity responsible for setting accounting and auditing & assurance standards in New Zealand. XRB standards are now principally available online yet the old website had not been designed to be the main distributor of standards.

We worked with the XRB and its website developer to design a new digital strategy focused on distributing the standards effectively and communicating more about the benefits of reporting. The website was central to the new strategy.

The website project was complex as XRB has over 275 current standards, as well as archived standards and other information that needed to be updated and moved to the new website. In total, over 1,000 pages were created within the new XRB website and this number continues to grow.

The new website needed to communicate with a broader audience, as more organisations now need to apply XRB standards – including those from the not-for-profit sector, who often have limited accounting expertise.

We developed user personas for the site which ranged from an entry level user of financial reports through to an expert in financial reporting. We also created a tool to aid non-technical users to find the standards that they needed to apply.

A hub is also available to provide helpful reporting information for all users, therefore positioning the XRB as the leading authority of financial reporting in New Zealand.