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Visual storytelling is essential in our digital-first environment.

Our in-house creative and design team intelligently translates briefs into visual assets that help communicate complex messages, bringing brand and corporate stories to life.

Our team has broad experience including concept development,
art direction, graphic and UX design, web and mobile design, advertising, infographics, illustrations, video and copywriting.

Our production management skills ensure that jobs are well-briefed, hit the mark and are delivered on time and to budget. Our in-house videographer can film and edit to create compelling rich media.

Our in-house team also collaborate with specialist partners on projects where needed.

Matthew Savage

Senior Account Director
+64 4 494 5177

Jeni Peacey

Senior Designer
+64 4 494 5127

Fran Holland

Account Director
+64 9 354 0571

Our Recent Work

Let them eat cake! Kiwis recreate democracy with Minecraft

Dec 2017

An initiative between Microsoft and Parliamentary Services gave Wellington school students the opportunity to get a peek inside the real Beehive before heading to Microsoft HQ to learn how to use its digital learning tool Minecraft.

Stakeholder needs at the heart of reporting

Dec 2017

To us, integrated reporting is much more than a way of writing an annual report, it’s a philosophy that shapes how companies create and preserve value and manage their stakeholder relations. It requires an integrated strategy and concerted action from leadership.

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