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Intelligent and integrated digital strategy

We take a digital-first approach, although we believe that digital must form part of an integrated strategy to get the best results.

Our Content and Channel Model underpins our approach.
Our story-telling background combined with data and insights means we take both an intuitive and intelligent approach to content creation and digital.

Our strength is in simplifying complex information and making
it interesting and engaging to a range of online audiences while keeping it consistent with the offline experience.

Our in-house digital and social strategists, content creators, journalists, designers and videographers collaborate to create content that people want to share and engage with.

We ensure the information architecture promotes accessibility, usability and engagement. We manage the entire web development, build and integration process to deliver a seamless result for our clients.

As organic reach is limited we utilise Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and advertising to amplify content, extending reach and engagement.

We use a range of social listening tools and analytics to undertake audits, track results and inform strategy.

Our affiliation with Edelman enhances our ability to keep up with global best-practice and apply it locally.

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Senior Account Director
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Account Director
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Senior Account Director
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Our Recent Work

RMBA builds engagement on social media

Dec 2017

RMBA has been seeking to make better use of its digital and social media channels to communicate RMBA and its members to a wider, diverse audience, including existing members, potential new members, and people that are looking to use a builder.  

Let them eat cake! Kiwis recreate democracy with Minecraft

Dec 2017

An initiative between Microsoft and Parliamentary Services gave Wellington school students the opportunity to get a peek inside the real Beehive before heading to Microsoft HQ to learn how to use its digital learning tool Minecraft.

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