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We enable organisations and Government to better understand each other and work together.

Our on-the-ground government relations team in Wellington
has a deep understanding of the political process with many
having experience within Parliament.

We bring intelligence, access, connections, and influence based on our positive, professional working relationships across the House built up over decades.

Our strength is understanding how brands, consumers, business,
the public sector, Government and communities interact.

Michael Dunlop

+64 4 494 5142

Aimie Hines

Account Director
+64 4 494 5146

Bronwyn Millar

General Manager Wellington
+64 4 494 5128

Learnings from Denmark

Sep 2019

In July Chairman, Michael Dunlop joined 40 CEOs and Chairs on a week-long NZ Initiative visit to Denmark to see how their public policy settings compare with New Zealand. What can we learn from his visit?  

Telling Microsoft's New Zealand story.

Sep 2019

Microsoft is committed to taking a leading position on tech issues in New Zealand, and we’re proud to support with the business communications, government relations support and media engagement it needs to fulfil this.

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