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Trust Barometer

The Trust Barometer examines levels of trust in society and credibility in the institutions of businesses, non-government organisations (NGOs), media and government. It is an important tool for institutions to understand and better able to connect with society.

Trust Barometer

Partnering up key to New Zealand’s recovery

At Acumen we often say it’s our job to have a sense of ‘healthy paranoia’ – thinking through potential risks and having a plan. Turns out we could have been a little more paranoid – a global pandemic and subsequent nationwide lock down were not on our list!

And yet here we are in the throes of COVID-19 closely followed by a spike in social unrest as witnessed in the current #BLM movement and other geo-political goings on. 

Acumen Chief Executive Adelle Keely offers some observations on the current situation – and where businesses should be focusing next.

Learnings from Denmark

In July Chairman, Michael Dunlop joined 40 CEOs and Chairs on a week-long NZ Initiative visit to Denmark to see how their public policy settings compare with New Zealand. What can we learn from his visit?  

Telling Microsoft's New Zealand story.

Microsoft is committed to taking a leading position on tech issues in New Zealand, and we’re proud to support with the business communications, government relations support and media engagement it needs to fulfil this.