Our strength is in understanding how brands, consumers, business, Government and communities interact. We identify and make connections where others don’t, taking an integrated approach across earned, owned and paid channels. We create conversations that matter.


Acumen Edelman
Trust Barometer

The Trust Barometer examines levels of trust in society and credibility in the institutions of businesses, non-government organisations (NGOs), media and government. It is an important tool for institutions to understand and better able to connect with society.

Trust Barometer

Launch of the Data Futures Partnership's Guidelines for Trusted Data Use

Dec 2017

The Data Futures Partnership is an independent group appointed by Government and exists to drive trusted data use and strengthen New Zealand's data ecosystem.

Stakeholder needs at the heart of reporting

Dec 2017

To us, integrated reporting is much more than a way of writing an annual report, it’s a philosophy that shapes how companies create and preserve value and manage their stakeholder relations. It requires an integrated strategy and concerted action from leadership.

Challenging Our Assumption

Nov 2017

It was quite unsettling to discover that I was not as open-minded, critical in my thinking, and as informed as I had thought. Being part of The New Zealand Initiative business delegation to Switzerland was the moment of realisation.